Who am I

Rafael Restrepo is a man on the move. In 2005 Rafael parted ways with his comfortable life from the coffee region in Manizales, Colombia to move to the United States. He set his dreams of being a music composer and producer into action. Trading greenscape for cityscape, Rafael put down roots in Boston, MA where he was awarded the “World Tour Scholarship” from the distinguished Berklee College of Music. 5 Years later, Rafael is a candidate for a Bachelor of Music degree in Contemporary Writing and Production, and Music Business, set to graduate from Berklee in May 2011 with honors.

"Choose carefully the things to which you give your attention. For where you place your attention is where your life will grow" is a quote I’ve always believed in. I realized my love for music at a young age playing the drums and co-producing a local band in my home town, and it’s this exact passion and the support of my family that has carried me to where I am today.

While attending Berklee, Rafael got actively involved in a project with his former roommate. “We would make very catchy beats and tracks for promising artists and then bring them to our home studio to record”. Together they co-produced various established artists such as KR (http://www.myspace.com/itsyaboykr) and Ebony Joi (http://www.myspace.com/ebonyjoimusic) in different styles such as Rap, Hip Hop, Electro Pop and House.

Rafael keeps adding to his professional accomplishments. He is currently involved in various projects with video producer Ian Eshelman (http://www.iansquared.com). Together, they started a team that develops creative advertising concepts around video and audio to fully captivate a targeted audience. One of the projects to be highlighted is a new recruitment video campaign for Brightcove. He also works with a production team called Sine Motif Productions (http://www.sinemotif.com) doing business development and as an assistant producer.

"I love what I do; the adrenaline rush that comes from assembling a great musical collaboration, the excitement of a challenging new project, and hearing amazing client feedback is what drives me forward.”

Rafael currently lives in Los Angeles where he recently completed an internship at Blue Microphones assisting the Vice President of Entertainment Relations & Business Development.

Although his long term sights are set on establishing his own production company, in the meantime Rafael is perfectly content honing his skills so that one day he will be able to achieve his greatest ambitions.